Our mission is to provide sound legal solutions that are in compliance with both the law and our client's expectations, in a long-term perspective.

  • Your needs are central.

    The deeds that we draw up are meaningless if they do not serve your needs! With every action, every mail we write, every legal issue we raise, we ask ourselves how it benefits our client!

  • The solution must meet your expectations.

    But to do this, we need to understand them. We do our utmost to analyse your request and to explain the solution in layman's terms. And we are open to your input. A relationship of trust between the client and the notary public is essential.

  • The solution must be lawful

    The client is central; not society, the state, the notary public or the office. Does this mean that we should sacrifice our legal and ethical duties, for the client's sake? Of course not: serving the client means providing a solution that is compliant with legal standards. These standards are there for the client’s benefit as well as for others; respecting them means providing the best service to all.

  • The solution must be sound.

    We are all faced with an overwhelming onslaught of information, data, ideas,… This is particularly true in legal and administrative matters. In this chaotic world, the challenge is no longer obtaining information, but interpreting it correctly and focusing on the aspects that matter. Our job is to determine which information you should be concentrating on.

    In advising you, we act as we would do on our own behalf. We therefore assess the risks (taking action means taking risks!). Our actions continue to have repercussions for a very long time after we have taken them. In our deeds, we are essentially assuming a very long-term responsibility. This is something that is truly exceptional about the notarial profession!

And what if you are not satisfied with our services…?

Although we bring the utmost care and diligence to our work, we are capable of making mistakes. After all, this is all human work. It would be presumptuous to claim infallibility.

If you feel that your case was not handled according to your expectations, please contact the notary public responsible for your case directly. We will review the situation with the greatest attention.

As our work involves human relationships, it can also happen that it simply doesn’t ‘click’ between two people. If you feel that the trust has been lost, it is essential to report it quickly and to decide together on the lessons to be learned. This could also involve termination of our collaboration. We accept that these things can simply happen.

Would you like the advice of a third person on a grievance to which, in your opinion, our response is insufficient? You can contact our ombudsman.