• The Civil-Law Notary's remuneration;
  • Expenses incurred on your behalf;
  • Registration fees;
  • VAT;
  • Total.
  • The Civil-Law Notary’s remuneration

    The notarial profession is governed by a highly specific system. For the majority of our services, a fixed remuneration is required by law.

    You will find general information about the legal rates on the website We would be happy to provide you with further information concerning your individual plans.

    This legal honorarium covers the processing of a traditional case. Exceptional circumstances –especially the particular circumstances of your plan – may require services outside of the legal framework. In this case, a supplementary allowance will be charged to cover this extra work.

    Certain activities are not covered by a legally established honorarium. The same also applies for inheritance declarations, as well as for consultations, translations, legalisation, drawing up certain certificates, the text of coordinated articles of association,

  • Expenses incurred on your behalf.

    Frequently, your case will require research to be carried out with third parties, generally public authorities. Furthermore, certain legally required actions will involve payment to the public authorities concerned. We will require you to reimburse us for any such expenses that we have advanced on your behalf.

  • Registration fees

    Many real estate transactions are subject to taxes called registration fees. These taxes often make up the bulk of the amount you are required to pay to the notary public.

  • VAT

    The honoraria and the majority of the expenses incurred on your behalf are subject to VAT.

  • Total

    The payment of the honoraria, expenses, fees and VAT must always be made prior to the signature of the deed, based on a detailed account.

    If you have a particular plan, feel free to contact the office for a calculation of the cost. Naturally, this will be an estimate, as the exact amount will only become clear when all of the information is filed. However, it should be sufficient to give you an idea before you make a commitment.

    Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We consider it very important for you to be well informed!